Supercharge Your Career With Our
ACT Coaching Methodology

Navigate career transitions, earn promotions, and plan your long-term federal career with high-impact coaching services that help you develop the leadership skills and professional presence to drive career growth.

Feeling Lost On Your Career Path?

You’re not alone. Without a clear understanding of your strengths and long-term goals, it is easy to feel lost and unmotivated in your work. You may also feel stuck in a rut, unsure what your next career move should be or if you can thrive in your current role. To optimize your career success, you must gain clarity on what you want, what you value, and what you bring to the table.

Over 10 %

The percentage of Americans looking to make a job change because they feel their employers don’t care about their needs.

Source: Harris Poll

0 Million

The number of people searching for a business, life, or executive coaches each month.

Source: iPEC

10 %

The ROI for those investing in coaching.

Source: International Society for Performance Improvement

Don’t Navigate Career Challenges On Your Own

When unsure about the next step in your career, you don’t have to make sense of your future alone. Instead, an unbiased coach can help you clarify your strengths, improvement opportunities, and next steps that align with your life vision.

At ACT Performance Solutions, our coaches partner with individuals, groups, and teams seeking to enhance their professional skills, find happiness in work or make their next career moves. We specialize in working with employees who want to maximize their careers and unlock their leadership potential.

Work With Coaches Who Understand
What It Takes To Excel In Federal Employment

Our coaching services empower you to own your professional development. Uplevel critical leadership skills and gain employment insights to help you clarify the impact you want to make in your current and future roles. With an experienced coach,  you can hone your leadership skills and amplify your professional impact. Our individual, team, and group coaching will help you:

Find more meaning in work and life

Achieve your full potential

Increase passion and radiate positive energy

Feel more excited and empowered daily to do your job

Create new habits and lasting behaviors

Create more clarity in your long-term career

The Human Performance Coaches
You Can Trust

We help clients recognize their strengths and capabilities, empowering them to create transformation throughout their teams. Backed by our proven strategies, our clients can trust that they are in capable hands and won’t have to worry about investing time into solutions that won’t produce measurable results.

1 +

Years of Experience

10000 +

People Trained

100 +

Workforce Development Courses

1 %

Results Guaranteed

Our SBA 8(a) firm and Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business understand your talent challenges. We put our 20+ years of training experience to work for you, equipping you with the tools, strategies, and support to face challenges head-on and overcome them, positioning your organization to meet its business objectives.

What Our Coaching Clients Are Saying

Working with ACT Performance Solutions for talent development solutions has greatly benefited our organization. They bring a unique, innovative approach to helping our employees reach their goals through real behavior change. As a result, we are confident that we can give our employees the best environment to succeed.

Federal Leader Metro Washington. D.C.

ACT Performance Solutions's individualized approach was critical to our successful outcome. Their staff listened to our requirements and responded immediately, tailoring the training program to fit our unique scenario. In addition, they provided timely feedback throughout the process, offering solutions and adjustments as needed.

Federal Leader Warner Robins, Georgia

Our organization had ACT Performance Solutions deliver a leadership development session. The materials and interactive activities provided insightful perspectives and actionable strategies to foster strong leadership traits. As a result, my staff left feeling empowered and reenergized with the confidence to make positive changes. ACT Performance Solutions truly gave our organization the tools needed for growth and development.

Federal Leader Brunswick, GA

Our Proven Process Transforms Organizations
In 3 Simple Ways

Step 1


A successful coaching partnership begins with alignment. We ensure that our coaches and clients align regarding individual professional issues and concerns or those of the sponsoring organization. This allows us to overcome hurdles blocking our clients from crushing their goals.

Our coaching sessions move away from the external problem and onto the person. Our coaches do this purposefully. We know and believe that our clients are intelligent and resourceful, so it’s our primary goal to help them discern what is getting in the way of their knowing or committing to what needs to happen next.

Our coaches help clients gain alignment and explore whether it is a pattern of thinking, a fear hidden behind cynicism, or an inherited belief that hasn’t been examined. Our job is to expand clients’ awareness to see how they might relate to the situation differently. We want our clients to think more broadly for themselves.

Step 2


Commitment is critical when it comes to making lasting changes. Our coaching commitment phase is about helping clients act. We aim to help clients overcome their fear of embarrassment and take meaningful steps forward.

We believe that failing isn’t the problem. The real problem is how clients feel when they don’t meet their expectations and how they perceive that others judge them when they fall short. We believe everyone has the potential to succeed, and our job is to help our clients unlock that potential.

Commitment happens when people align new opportunities with their self-images and feel ownership of decision-making. This cognitive shift represents a long-term willingness to understand why change is necessary and to embrace the challenges ahead. In the commit phase, we hold clients accountable for their action plans. In other words, commitment results from a slow and steady process of reflection and self awareness.

Step 3


In this phase of our coaching process, clients sustain the progress they have made and achieve long-term results. 

Thriving is not the same as simply surviving. To thrive is to prosper and grow, to be healthy and prosperous. And that’s what we want for our clients. We want them not just to achieve their goals but to exceed them. We do this by identifying areas that could still be developed, conducting regular check-ins, and providing tools, resources, and best practices. In other words, we help our clients thrive. Because when they succeed, we succeed.

Employee Engagement and Development
Is Critical to Business Success

We put individuals front and center of organizational success. For organizations that invest in cultivating talent, the benefits are undeniable. Our coaching services help create high-functioning, people-focused organizations that exceed business objectives year after year.


Our one-on-one coaching gives individuals looking to gain clarity in their professional lives and move beyond career challenges that may be standing in their way. Get unbiased insights into how to expand your impact and target your efforts for career success.


Our group coaching is designed for individual- or company-sponsored clients who will benefit from just-in-time support to gain clarity on their current and future roles so they can thrive in their biggest career moments.


Our team coaching solution provides transformative company-wide coaching for federal employees at all levels so they can thrive in every stage of their careers, empowering you to build a healthier and more productive workplace.

Are You Ready To
Achieve Career Success?

Whether you’re an individual wanting to uncover your full potential or an organization looking to invest in your team’s success, we design a coaching experience to fit your goals.

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