We Make Teamwork Your
Greatest Competitive Advantage

Create a high-functioning team that
drives organizational success with the proven power of The Five Behaviors® system.

Do You Have What It Takes
to Build A Cohesive Team?

They say that teamwork makes the dream work. But what if your team synergy isn’t working? To stay competitive, businesses have many external challenges they must overcome. Internal teamwork challenges shouldn’t complicate the path to success.

10 %

The percentage of participants who saw improvement in their team’s effectiveness after applying The Five Behaviors. 

Source: Wiley

0 %

The percentage of employees who believe a lack of team alignment leads to project failure.

Source: McKinsey

10 %

The percentage of employees who believe there is not enough collaboration across their organization.

Source: Visix

A Lack Of Cohesion Can Disrupt Your Success

Effective collaboration stimulates creativity, increases productivity, builds a sense of community, improves problem-solving, and leads to innovative ideas. Yet, despite these benefits to businesses, emphasizing teamwork remains one of the most underutilized workplace tactics.

At ACT Performance Solutions, we leverage the power of The Five Behaviors® to help you create a culture where employees freely and fearlessly collaborate, making teamwork your greatest competitive advantage.

Take 5
for Organizational Transformation

The Five Behaviors® model delivers a framework for lasting change through personal insights that encourage cross organizational collaboration.

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The ultimate goal of teamwork is to drive results. With every team member invested in the process, success is more achievable.

The Teamwork Experts You Can Trust

We work with government, corporate, and individual clients, empowering them to achieve their full potential through solutions that build their capacity for better collaboration.

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Workforce Development Courses

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Results Guaranteed

Our SBA 8(a) firm and Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business understands your talent and organizational change challenges. We put our 20+ years of training experience to work for you, equipping you with the tools, strategies, and support to face teamwork challenges head-on and overcome them, positioning your organization to meet its business objectives.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Workshop Participant Metro Washington, D.C.

This method has enabled us to work harmoniously as a unit, fostering improved understanding and cultivating a sense of true collaboration. My whole team talked about what we could do to be better teammates.

Workshop Participant Metro Washington, D.C.

Working with The Five Behaviors approach enabled our team to collaborate in a truly exceptional way. We can now maximize our collective intelligence by fostering trust, ensuring open communication, and engaging in constructive conversations.

Workshop Participant Metro Washington, D.C.

I have been a part of dozens of teams throughout my career, but this is the first time there has been such a comprehensive framework for working on a team to achieve shared goals. The Five Behaviors is a game-changer.

Workshop Participant Metro Washington, D.C.

The Five Behaviors has helped me realize what I need to do to get the desired results. The thing is, it's easy to say but hard to do in a team setting. Nevertheless, the framework has been a great guide, and I am grateful for the experience.

Our Expertise Is Your Advantage

We guarantee to deliver strategies, tools, and insights to improve organizational performance while listening to your needs. Through working with us, you can expect to:

Master Seamless Change Management Approaches

Develop a Culture of Leadership From the Ground Up

Understand and Utilize Performance Analysis

Gain Access to Relevant and Engaging Training Materials

Foster Strategies to Cultivate a People-First Organization

Create a Thriving Organization
with a Trusted Teamwork Model

Together, The Five Behaviors® framework and ACT Performance Solutions create a dynamic package of services to build your capacity for more effective teamwork. The Five Behaviors model has been trusted for over 20 years by some of the world’s most renowned organizations. ACT Performance Solutions brings the framework to life for your organization through personal and team solutions to provide more impactful workplace experiences and better organizational outcomes.

Personal Development

We work with individual team members to assess how they approach each of The Five Behaviors®. Using the results, we create a customized learning experience to help each individual learn more about their strengths, close knowledge gaps, and drive more collaborative behaviors.


We work with teams to assess the group’s current perceptions of The Five Behaviors®. Using the results, we offer detailed reports and curate a facilitated learning experience that brings the team together to learn how to collaborate to create meaningful personal and organizational outcomes.

Personal Development

Build a Culture of Teamwork

Helps individuals to better understand themselves and others to work effectively on any team

Team Development

Develop a Cohesive Intact Team

Helps participants better understand themselves, the personalities on their team, and how they can effectively work together


Individuals Learn How to "Team" Effectively Team and Culture Transformation Employee Development at All Levels


Help Intact Teams to Gain Skill to Work Together Effectively Improve Team Productivity Addresses Team Dysfunction




Intact Teams

Number of People

Up to 30

Number of People


Longevity of Team

No Requirements

Longevity of Team

Designed for teams with a 6-week minimum tenure

The Five Behaviors Certification

Become a Five Behaviors® Certified Practitioner and revolutionize your team. This two-week virtual training provides an opportunity to expand upon existing knowledge and hone expertise in utilizing this dynamic program. Unlock unprecedented performance levels & elevate organizational results by unifying teams through collaboration & effective team dynamics today.

Are You Ready to Transform the Way
Your Team Works Together?

Let us put our combined facilitation expertise and the power of the proven Five Behaviors® framework to help you create a culture of collaboration and respect.

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