Perception Matters

Leveraging the power of the trusted Myers-Briggs® Type Indicator®, we help individuals and organizations discover how personalities shape performance and drive success.

How Well Do You Know Yourself
or Your Team?

Understanding our personality types can give us better insights into what makes us tick and how we can more meaningfully engage with others. Whether you’re an individual looking to gain personal insights or a leader looking to collaborate more effectively with your team, uncovering and understanding personality types is one way to scale success.

10 %

The percentage of employees who don’t feel like they can be themselves at work.

Source: Research World

0 %

The percentage of people who report feeling self-aware.

Source: Forbes

10 %

The percentage of employees who feel misunderstood at work sometimes, often, or always.

Source: Statista

Open Up New Possibilities Through Self Discovery

The MBTI® opens up a world of possibilities by giving you deeper insights into who you are as a person and what you value. With a stronger self-awareness, you can excel personally, professionally, and in relationships with others.

For managers, better understanding your team’s personalities can help them craft personalized success plans and empower you to maximize each employee’s strengths and make them feel valued.

At ACT Performance Solutions, we leverage the power of the MBTI® to help you identify natural preferences in major personality areas. Armed with this information, you can build more self-awareness and take advantage of new possibilities.

Discover Your Personality Preferences

As an MBTI® partner, we work with individuals and organizations looking to use this renowned tool to gain deeper personality insights into themselves and their teams.


Gets energy from the outer world of people and experiences. Focuses energy and attention outwards in action.



Gets energy from the inner world of reflections and thoughts. Focuses energy and attention inwards in reflection.


Prefers real information coming from the five senses. Focuses on what is real.



Prefers information coming from associations. Focuses on possibilities and what might be.


Steps out of situations to analyze them dispassionately. Prefers to make decisions on the basis of objective logic.



Steps into situations to weigh human values and motives. Prefers to make decisions on the basis of values.


Prefers to live life in a planned and organized manner. Enjoys coming to closure and making a decision.



Prefers to live life in a spontaneous and adaptable way. Enjoys keeping options open.

Myers-Briggs® Products and Insights
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We work with government, corporate, and individual clients, empowering them to achieve their full potential through better self-awareness.

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Our SBA 8(a) firm and Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business understands your talent and organizational change challenges. We put our 20+ years of training experience to work for you, equipping you with the tools, strategies, and support to face workplace culture challenges head-on and overcome them, positioning your organization to meet its business objectives.

What Our Coaching Clients Are Saying

Workshop Participant

This course offers a practical, user-friendly approach to mastering the MBTI types. This course is designed to make understanding your personality type approachable and straightforward through engaging activities, worksheets, and even video explanations. Unveiling the deeper insights created by the 16 distinct personality types will provide you with invaluable wisdom for exploring more about yourself and greater insight into how different people interact with each other. With this comprehensive course, you can embark on a journey of discovering your unique personality style in no time!

Workshop Participant

Fantastic course! Now I feel better prepared to accept the differences between myself and others and have a better handle on how best to communicate with people from different walks of life. Learning about the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator has given me a valuable tool for greater empathy, understanding, and appreciation of others.

Workshop Participant

This course helped me understand how various types of personalities think, communicate, and express themselves, in addition to how their unique perspective is invaluable when making decisions together. In addition, I learned how to recognize introverted versus extroverted traits better, people's outlooks on life, and how they interact with their environments. All these concepts have come together to help me develop a deeper understanding of myself and others, making me more accepting and empathetic.

Shams W.Pawel Founder & CEO of XpeedStudio

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We guarantee to deliver strategies, tools, and insights to unleash your organization’s potential by equipping your people with the skills, insights, and training to lead your organization through change and into the future. Through working with us, you can expect to:

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Gain Access to Relevant and Engaging Training Materials

Foster Strategies to Cultivate a People-First Organization

Harness The Power of
Personality Insights to Thrive

We offer a variety of Myers-Briggs® programs to help individuals and organizations thrive.

Are You Ready to Thrive
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Let us use our combined facilitation expertise and the power of the Myers-Briggs® instrument to help you better understand yourself and others.

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