Don't Just Survive Change.
Thrive in the Face of Change.

Our people-centric approaches help you create a preventative, proactive, and responsive approach to combat change resistance and drive organizational success.

Are You Leading Organizational Change
with Purpose and Confidence?

Successfully navigating organizational change isn’t easy. The human elements of change management are perhaps the most significant challenges, as asking your team to change how they think, work, and behave can cause chaos when not handled correctly. An effective change management strategy is critical to the success of your organization and your team’s well-being.

10 %

The percentage of change initiatives that fail due to employee resistance and lack of leadership support.

Source: McKinsey

0 %

The percentage of employees who feel mid to high-stress levels during organizational change.

Source: Gartner

10 %

The percentage of expected ROI companies receive from effective change management programs.

Source: McKinsey

Effective Change Management Is A Business Imperative

Organizational change is one of the most stressful situations you can ask your employees to weather. Employee buy-in, or lack thereof, can make or break your change initiatives. But for those who do it well, the rewards are measurable and sustainable.

At ACT Performance Solutions, we partner with organizations of all sizes to create highimpact change management programs and initiatives that put your people at their center. With every team member on board, you can build momentum to position your business as a leader today and tomorrow.

Navigating the Intersection of
People and Change

We partner with clients through human-centric change management consulting, helping organizations effectively manage critical, large-scale changes. Whether you’re navigating the implementation of new IT infrastructures or an organizational shift, we help you build an organization that thrives in the face of change. Using our proven change management methodology, we employ preventive, proactive, and responsive methods that create the agility needed to change with confidence.

When you partner with us, we help create change management initiatives that:

Are clearly articulated so everyone understands the purpose of the change

Create buy-in from team members

Take a holistic approach to change management

Consider the needs and concerns of your team

Provide ongoing support to drive sustainable success

The Change Management Experts You Can Trust

We work with government and corporate clients, empowering them to achieve their full organizational potential with change management solutions that produce measurable results.

1 +

Years of Experience

10000 +

People Trained

100 +

Workforce Development Courses

1 %

Results Guaranteed

Our SBA 8(a) firm and Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business understand your talent challenges. We put our 20+ years of training experience to work for you, equipping you with the tools, strategies, and support to face DEI challenges head-on and overcome them, positioning your organization to meet its business and diversity objectives.

Our Proven Process Transforms Organizations
In 3 Simple Ways

Step 1


In this critical first step, we work with you to develop a clear and compelling case for change that will generate buy-in from all stakeholders.

Step 2


In the commit stage, we collaborate with you to create a plan that considers the different needs of individuals and groups within the organization.

Step 3


After implementation, we help you sustain momentum by providing ongoing coaching, consulting, training, or a combination to ensure changes become habitual.

Our Expertise Is Your Advantage

We guarantee to deliver strategies, tools, and insights to unleash your organization’s potential by equipping your people with the skills, insights, and training to lead your organization through change and into the future. Through working with us, you can expect to:

Master Seamless Change Management Approaches

Develop a Culture of Leadership
From the Ground Up

Understand and Utilize
Performance Analysis

Gain Access to Relevant and
Engaging Training Materials

Foster Strategies to Cultivate a
People-First Organization

We Help You Drive Change at Speed and Scale

We help lead change when, where, and how you need it through evidence-based, people-centric strategies. Whether you’re facing massive tech implementations, structural changes, or cultural changes, or you’re seeking complete organizational transformation. Our consultants are poised to help enable long-term success.

“The only things that evolve by themselves in an organization are disorder, friction, and malperformance.” — Peter Drucker

1 Communication

2 Simplicity

3 Empathy

4 Creativity

5 Insight

6 Systems Thinking

7 Balance

8 Measurement

Are You Ready to Implement
Change That Lasts?

Partner with our organizational change consultants to create transformation initiatives that support stakeholder buy-in and lasting organizational success.

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